10 May 2016

Hard Water and Your Daily Routine

Having hard water isn’t cause for alarm when it comes to your immediate health. There are some side effects, however, that can be undesirable. Below are some of the possible issues that could arise from having hard water in your home. A water softener can solve the issue of having hard water and prevent unwanted consequences to your health and daily routine.
Dry skin: chlorine and soap curd created by hard water can lead to clogged pores and coat your follicles which leads to dry skin.
Dry hair: this same build up in the hard water can lead to dry and dull hair
Shampoo costs: hard water makes shampoos and soaps less effective. The hard water makes it more difficult for soaps and shampoos to lather. Overtime the cost of buying extra shampoos and soaps will add up.
Dingy clothing and scratchy towels: if your clothing has been looking more dingy and your whites more gray, you could have hard water. Stiff clothing and towels is also another definite sign you have hard water in your home. A water softener removes the minerals in your water that make your water hard and eliminates the issues mentioned above.

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