16 May 2016

Types of Water Softeners

There are two types of water softeners – side by side and cabinet models.

It’s called a cabinet style water softener because the inner workings and salt tank are confined to a single cabinet. Since this type of water softener tends to be bulky, you don’t want to move it around to clean it. Brine tank cleanout can be a difficult and messy chore. Water softener manufacturers recommend using evaporated water softener salt pellets, as they are lower in water soluble matter. Use high purity water softener salt to keep your cabinet-style water softener working properly and save you a messy cleanout job. If you use a low purity water softener salt which is higher in insoluble matter, your softener may need to be cleaned frequently.

The other type of water softener system is known as the side-by-side model. You’ll notice that side-by-side water softener units have a brine tank (salt container) which is separate from the main regeneration cylinder (resin tank). Since the brine tank can be disconnected from the resin tank, it is possible but potentially difficult to clean. 
Watch a quick video on how a water softener works.(both types)






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