Helping to keep you safe from icy slips and falls

Ice Melt Salt

For all temperatures of cold weather, Diamond Crystal® Salt has an ice melt product to make your sidewalks safer.

Providing safe, secure walkways is more than just a common courtesy for your family, friends, pets and neighbors, it's also the wise thing to do. With more than 50 years of experience, we're experts in developing effective ice melt products for a variety of climates and environmental conditions. Put the best ice melt salts to work and enjoy some peace of mind.

Ice Melt Salt Frequently Asked Questions

Jiffy Melt® Ice Melt Salt Blend

The Ideal Choice When you Need to Melt Ice Quickly.

Sno-Paws® Pet Friendly Ice Melt

Veterinarian Preferred Formula

GreenMelt® Ice Melt Salt Blend

Professional Strength Ice Melt Salt