Fine Kosher Salt

A Finer Cut of Kosher Salt that Fits in Salt Shakers

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Diamond Crystal® Fine Kosher Salt is made with a proprietary process resulting in a unique crystal structure that outperforms regular table salt on fried foods and in seasoning blends. 

Think of regular table salt as a smooth, cubic, dice-like shape, whereas Diamond Crystal® Fine Kosher Salt has lots of little crevices and bumps. This roughness helps it stick better to the surface of foods, where regular table salt is more likely to bounce off of foods. If you have ever shaken regular table salt on fries, you can picture the salt particles bouncing off the fries.

For foodservice operators who craft back-of-the-house seasoning blends, dry rubs and brined meats and cured sausages, Diamond Crystal® Fine Kosher is an ideal salt. Its superior blending and solubility improves your seasonings with even distribution, reducing spice hot spots.

Diamond Crystal® Fine Kosher Salt delivers equivalent salty taste at lower sodium levels on french fries by volume compared with table salt, allowing flavor parity with 75% less applied product. This product allows customers to experience the same flavor per teaspoon with 30% lower sodium.*

• Better adherence to French fries and other fried foods with multi-faceted, flaked crystals.
• Use 75% less salt (by weight), get the same great salty taste.*
• Can help reduce sodium by up to 30%.*
• Great for seasoning blends, dry rubs or brined meatballs or sausages. 
• Great on all fried foods such as onion rings, chips, fried shrimp or popcorn.

Size Availability
4 lb. Box

Diamond Crystal® Salt: A Brilliant Choice® since 1886.

*Sodium reduction based on Cargill proprietary research. The french fries used were of the thick cut, unbrined, uncoated variety with ~26mg/100gm before cooking or application of Diamond Crystal® French Fry Salt. Sodium reduction results will vary based on sodium content of fry before being salted.