Brilliant transforms the water in your home

Water Softener Salt

Transform the hard water in your home. 

Diamond Crystal® Water Softener Salt transforms hard water to soft water. 

Water softener salt is made of sodium chloride or potassium chloride. It is used in water softeners to help remove minerals from your water, transforming your home’s water to soft water. Hard water minerals are removed when water passes through resin beads in the water softener tank. Water softener salt is used to periodically recharge resin beads so that they can continue to remove hard water minerals.

Removing these minerals prevents build-up of scale on the inside of pipes, fixtures, and hot water heaters. Water softener salt also helps lengthen the life of some appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. As a result, water softener salt reduces and can prevent mineral spots on your dishes and glassware. The other benefit of water softener salt is that it reduces soap films and buildup in sinks, bathtubs, and washing machines.

After using Diamond Crystal® Water Softener Salt, you have soft, bright towels and clothes, shiny dishes and longer pipe and appliance life, which in the end can save you money.

Water Softener Salt Frequently Asked Questions


Learn more about hard water and how a water softener works, by visiting our YouTube Channel for informative videos. 

What is hard water? What are water softener salt pellets?
Why do I want to soften my water? How are water softener salt pellets made?
Hard water can be costly to your home. How are solar salt crystals made?
How does a water softener work? Where does solar salt come from?
How do I add salt to my water softener? What are the benefits of Diamond Crystal® Water Softener Salt?


Bright & Soft® Water Softener Salt Pellets

Our highest purity salt typically 99.8% pure salt

Solar Naturals® Water Softener Salt Crystals

Made Naturally with Sun Wind and Time®, typically 99.6% pure salt

Iron Fighter® Water Softener Salt Pellets

Specially Formulated for Water with High Iron Content.

Potassium Chloride for Water Softeners

A Low-Sodium Alternative to Traditional Water Softener Salt.

Sun Gems® Water Softener Salt Crystals

Large solar crystals typically 99.6% Pure Salt

Sun Gems® Iron Fighter® Water Softener Salt Crystals

Specially formulated crystals for water with high iron content

Hardi-Cube® Water Softener Salt

Uniquely compacted salt - typically 99.7% pure salt

Hardi-Cube® Red·Out® Water Softener Salt With Iron Fighter® Formula

Uniquely compacted salt for water with high iron content

How much salt do I need?

How much water softener salt will I need in my house in an average month?  Try our simple water softener salt calculator to determine what you will need.


(*Please refer to the water hardness map to determine the level of water hardness in your area)