Do I Have Hard Water?

It pays to know if you have hard water. Hard water can affect your life in many ways, from housecleaning to bathing to doing laundry. It makes cleaning more difficult. And sooner or later, hard water can become an expensive problem. For example, a study by the America Waterworks Association found that washing machines using hard water can wear out up to 30% faster than those using soft water.

Watch Diamond Crystal® Water Softener Salt videos that answer the questions:
What is Hard Water?
Why Do I Want to Soften My Water?

If you notice any of the following signs, it’s possible that you have hard water:

  • You're using more than the recommended amount of soap to get adequate lather.
  • Your skin or scalp feels itchy or dry after bathing.
  • Dishes appear spotty or cloudy after washing.
  • White clothes become grey or yellowed upon repeated washings.
  • Your water appliance life spans seem shorter than expected.

Want to learn more about water quality in your area? Check the U.S. Water Quality Map below from the U.S. Geological Survey and the following link to the Environmental Protection Agency's “Surf Your Watershed” Web site.