26 July 2016

Why Switch to Salt in Your Pool?

What are the advantages to changing from chlorine to salt in your pool? If you are on the fence on converting your pool to a salt water filtration system, some of the benefits are listed below!

New Pool

• Salt water filtration systems require lower maintenance over time. Once the system is set-up, salt water systems are easy to maintain.
• Salt water pools require less expensive upkeep. You don’t have to spend as much monthly on expensive chemicals to treat your pool.
• Salt water is less harsh than chlorine systems, you don’t experience red eyes and skin irritation in a salt water pool.
• The water will smell better. With lower chlorine levels you don’t experience the harsh chemical smells that you would with a chlorine system.
• The salt water inhibits algae naturally
• It is safer for kids and pets to be around. You don’t have to worry about having harsh chemicals in the house for kids to get into. (It is still recommended to keep products out of reach of small children or animals).

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