Premium all purpose salt can

Premium All-Purpose Salt

Fine Grain Flake Salt

Compared to other salts, which are granulated and bounce off food easily, each grain of our salt has many facets. As a result, Diamond Crystal® salt clings better to food to bring out all of the flavor.

Diamond Crystal® Premium All-Purpose Salt (Plain or Iodized) is made with a proprietary process that creates a unique crystal structure. Think of regular table salt as a smooth, cubic, dice-like shape; Diamond Crystal® Premium All-Purpose Salt has a non-uniform appearance with lots of little crevices and bumps. This roughness helps it stick better to the surface of foods, where regular table salt is more likely to bounce off of foods.

- Sticks to food for fuller flavor and less waste.
- Perfect for everyday use.
- Fine Texture

Size Availability
22 oz. Easy-pour Round Can

Diamond Crystal® Salt: A Brilliant Choice® since 1886.