28 August 2020

What is the difference between water softener salt crystals, pellets and cubes

Water softener salt crystals, pellets, and cubes are all made from (sodium chloride). The difference has to do with how the salt is produced.

Salt Crystals


Water softener salt crystals: made from evaporating salt water in shallow outdoor ponds. The sun and wind evaporate the water and leave behind a layer of natural salt crystals. 




Water softener salt pellets and cubes: made from small salt granules that are compacted together to form 

Water Softener Salt Pellets a large pellet (pillow shape) or cube (square shape). The larger size of pellets and cubes may make them less susceptible to bridging than smaller salt crystals.


salt cubes



Water softener salt crystals, pellets, and cubes can be used interchangeably in most water softeners. Be sure to consult your water softener owner’s manual to determine if a certain type of salt is recommended for your system.





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