18 January 2017

Water Softener Salt Pellets or Crystals?

Selecting the type of water softener salt to use in your water softener can be an intimidating task. There are a lot of varieties of salt for your home. Below are a few differences between using salt pellets and salt crystals, in a water softener system.  If you moved into a home with an existing water softener, it might be best to just check to see what the previous owner was using – by looking in the tank. Or, if you have a personal preference, let that drive your salt purchase decision. Diamond Crystal® Water Softener Salt works in virtually all water softeners. 

Salt Pellets

• Prevent mushing or bridging in the water softener brine tank

• Recommended for those with all-in-one-softening units to ensure bridging does not block the flow of water through the tank

• Recommended for heavy water users


• Recommended if you have a two-part water softening unit.

• Use if you have a lower monthly water usage


Salt Crystals

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