Tips on How Salt Can Help You

Restore tub whiteness

Use a solution of table salt and turpentine to restore the whiteness to yellowed enameled bathtubs and lavatories.

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Diamond Crystal® Bright & Soft® Water Softener Pellets

Our premium-purity water softener salt contains up to 99.8% pure salt. Virtually 100% water soluble, these compacted pellets are specially formulated to prevent mushing and bridging in the brine tank—helping to keep your water softener clean and trouble-free. Our patented 2-handle, 40 and 50 lb. bags make lifting and carrying easier than ever. Recommended for all water softeners.

Size Availability

  • 25 lb.
  • 40 lb.
  • 50 lb.
  • 60 lb.
  • 20 kg.

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