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Dyn-O Melt® Ice Melt Salt Blend

Professional Strength Ice Melt

Dyn-O Melt® Ice Melt is the ideal ice melt choice when you need to melt ice fast and reduce metal corrosion caused by typical chloride-based melts. It is especially important to maintain the base of your metal rails and fixtures to maximize longevity.

Dyn-O Melt® ice melt is five times less corrosive than sodium chloride, as measured by the industry standard PNS corrosion test method. It melts better than CMA and other common ice melts (sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and urea) and works down to 0° F/-18° C. Dyn-O Melt® is exclusively for professionals and is not available at retail.

Dyn-o Melt® Ice Melt contains a specially formulated blend of Magnesium Chloride and Sodium Chloride for quick-melting action. It also contains Diammonium Phosphate (a corrosion inhibitor) to protect steel railings and decorations from corrosion.

Directions: Remove slush and as much loose snow as possible before ice melter application. Spread Dyn-o Melt® ice melter evenly across surface area. Apply ½ – 1 cup per square yard, depending on ice thickness and air temperature, as needed. Reapply as necessary. When ice and snow soften, remove slush and any excess ice melter from pavement for good concrete maintenance.

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50 lb. Bag


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