Pool Salt Frequently Asked Questions

Pool Water chlorinated with salt is better than with traditional chemical chlorine.

Lower Chlorine Levels for Same Clean Result! 
Pools that use Diamond Crystal® Pool Salt           0.5 – 1.0 chlorine parts per million
Traditional chemical chlorine pools                        3.0 – 10.0 chlorine parts per million

By eliminating harsh chemicals, Irritants are Eliminated

No more:

  • Red Eyes / Cough
  • Dry, Itchy Skin
  • Green Hair
  • Bleached pool liners
  • Faded swim wear

Safer, especially for kids and pets:
Eliminates having chemical chlorine around the house and yard

Diamond Crystal® pool salt is:

  • Over 99% Pure Salt: Lead chlorinator manufacturers recommend high purity salt (over 99% purity)in order to preserve system effectiveness.
  • Additive Free: Some chlorinator manufacturers recommend steering clear of pool salts that includes additives of any kind, including YPS (a de-clumping additive that has sometimes been linked with pool staining.)
  • Fast Dissolving: Our pool salt dissolves quickly, to get you into the pool faster.

Salt is natural, and not harmful to skin and hair, even when you put more in the pool than your chlorinator manufacturer recommends. The chlorinator will simply take what it needs to effectively sanitize the pool. Left over salt is then recycled back into the pool. However, for maximum salt efficiency, always follow the usage recommendations of your chlorinator manufacturer.

To start up a newly filled pool, average residential pools require 7-10 40lb. bags of salt. After startup, however, pools require just 3-4 bags per year - only enough to make up for water lost through regular splash-outs and routine pool leaks. Please check with your chlorinator manufacturer for specific recommendations.

No. The salt brine recommended by manufacturers is only .6% salt. That's less than contact solution salt content.

Visit the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals at www.apsp.org  for more information on chlorinator systems.