14 January 2019

What is Soft Water?

What is soft water and why do you want it?

Soft water is the result of water softener regeneration - a process where salt is used to remove hardness from water.

The water softener contains a bed of small beads that have sodium ions electrostatically attached to them.  The softener pumps hard water through the resin bed - the hardness ions stick to the resin and displace the sodium ions which then end up in the softened water.  

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Benefits of soft water:   

  • Soaps and detergents work more effectively
  • Glassware, dishes, sinks and fixtures are left with fewer spots 
  • Pipes inside of your house don't get clogged by hard water scale build up
  • With less scale build up in pipes, appliances can work more efficiently

So there are a variety of advantages to softening water.

Learn more about how a water softener works





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