Tips on How Salt Can Help You

Restore wood

A thin paste of table salt and salad oil removes white marks caused by hot dishes or water from wooden tables.

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Diamond Crystal® Bright & Soft® Block and Iron Fighter® Block

Made with up to 99.8% pure salt, these premium-purity brine blocks feature a recyclable cardboard sleeve. Virtually 100% water soluble, they are specially formulated to resist mushing and bridging in the brine tank— helping to keep your softener clean and trouble-free. The Iron Fighter® block (up to 99.6% pure salt) also contains an FDA-approved, highly effective rust remover which helps to prevent rust stains on laundry and household fixtures. Recommended for use in most water softeners, as directed by manufacturer.

Size Availability

  • 25 lb. (in limited areas)
  • 50 lb.

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