family_walking_smallResidential Ice Melt Products

Relax. We have the right ice melt salt product for you. To us, melting ice is science at work. To you, ice melt provides invaluable peace of mind. Regardless of the type of cold weather climate you live in, there’s a Diamond Crystal® ice melt salt product to make your property safer. From barely freezing down to -25°F/-31°C, we have the right ice melt products and the sound science to support them.



jiffy melt bag and jug 150p

Diamond Crystal®
Jiffy Melt®
 Ice Melt

  • Effective in cold temperatures, works to -10°F/-23°C
  • Specially formulated ice melt blend of magnesium and sodium chlorides to melt ice in a jiffy
  • Can be applied with a scoop, shaker jug package, most push fertilizer spreaders, or commercial salt spreaders
wintermelt 120p

Diamond Crystal®
Winter Melt®
 Ice Melt

  • Effective in moderately cold temperatures, works to 5°F/-15°C
  • Economically melts snow & ice with large and small sodium chloride crystals, combining melting speed and longevity
  • Applied best with a scoop or commercial salt spreader



Diamond Crystal®
 Ice Melt

  • Veterinarian-preferred ice melt formula
  • Works down to 5°F/-15°C; is a better melt product than many other urea based ice melts
  • Chloride and salt free; significantly less irritating than salt & other chlorides
flash melt 118p

Diamond Crystal®
Flash Melt®
 Ice Melt

  • Effective in extremely cold temperatures, works to -25°F/-31°C
  • Our fastest ice melt product, which can penetrate even thick ice.
  • Gives off heat as it dissolves, accelerating ice melt action
  • Applied best with most fertilizer spreaders or commercial salt spreaders