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Bring out the true flavor...with Diamond Crystal® salts.

Diamond Crystal® salt is known for its pure, natural taste, bringing out the best in fresh food. Plain or iodized. Coarse or fine. Granular or flake. Easy-pour round cans or easy-to-store boxes. With Diamond Crystal® brand, you'll find the right salt for your next creation.

Only Diamond Crystal® brand features products using the proprietary Alberger® salt process, a method for harvesting unique-shaped crystals with numerous facets. This gives you a bold burst of flavor, exceptional adherence and blendability, and the distinctive texture recognized by chefs everywhere.

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salt_dc_icon_home_chef salt_dc_icon_prof_chef Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt


For decades, professional chefs and gourmet cooks have acclaimed this world-class salt.


  • Coarse crystals that can be crumbled between fingertips for exact seasoning
  • Excellent blendability and adherence
  • Approved by the American Culinary Federation

salt_dc_icon_home_chef salt_dc_icon_prof_chef Diamond Crystal® Natural Sea Salt


From the sparkling shores of the Pacific...comes Diamond Crystal® sea salt. Inspired by the delicious cuisine of the Napa Valley, these all-natural, coarse crystals will bring out the true flavors of your choicest ingredients. Now available in an easy-to-hold 22 oz. can and in both coarse and fine varieties.


salt_dc_icon_home_chef salt_dc_icon_prof_chef Diamond Crystal® Salt Sense® Plain and Iodized salt


Made with 100% pure salt, this unique salt offers 33% less sodium by volume than regular granulated salt.

  • Natural flake-shaped crystals
  • No metallic aftertaste
DCA medium

salt_dc_icon_home_chef salt_dc_icon_prof_chef Diamond Crystal® Plain and Iodized Flake salt


This premium, fine-grade salt stays put where you shake it. Available in limited areas.


restaurant_smallDiamond Crystal® Restaurant Plain and Iodized Salt Rounds

granulated_smallDiamond Crystal® Granulated Salt

french_fry_smallDiamond Crystal® French Fry Salt