sea salt coarse can

Sea Salt - Coarse

Made Naturally with Sun, Wind and Time™

Our sea salt comes from the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and is produced through years of evaporation. The process for harvesting sea salt today is really the same process that has been used for centuries. Diamond Crystal® Sea Salt is harvested only when it is ready. 

Diamond Crystal® Coarse Sea Salt offers distinctive, coarse crystals that provide great flavor and create visual appeal for all of your dishes. Diamond Crystal® Coarse Sea Salt brings out your food’s cleanest flavors. Let Diamond Crystal® Coarse Sea Salt add a burst of flavor to your foods.

• Coarse texture and crunch
• An ideal finishing salt
• Additive-free
• Sourced in California

Size Availability
22 oz. Round Can


Diamond Crystal® Salt: A Brilliant Choice® since 1886.

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