19 December 2017

What is water softener regeneration?

Water softener salt is not necessarily what softens your hard water.  Hard water becomes soft water through an ion exchange process. Resin beads in your water softener are the media for ion exchange. Resin beads do not necessarily filter out hard water minerals, they attract hard water ions and as a result, the hard water minerals are removed from your water. Filtering is a physical means of removal, ion exchange is not. Sodium ions replace hard water ions with soft water ions.

Salt Pouring

During the water softener regeneration cycle, sodium on the resin beads is exchanged for hard water minerals in the water. They essentially switch places. Eventually, the resin beads need to be rinsed to remove the hard water mineral ions and “recharged” so they can continue to attracting hard water minerals.  In essence, you add water softener salt into order to maintain the attraction between the resin beads and hard water minerals.

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