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Our water softener salt provides you with soft water for your skin, dishes, and pipes 

You may take it for granted, but every day, the water you use affects your lifestyle. In fact, hard water (which impacts 80% of American homeowners) can be a real hassle. Hard water can make cleaning more difficult, leave spots on dishes and lead to stubborn buildup on faucets, water pipes and fixtures. It can also contribute to dry skin and dull-looking hair. Washing machines that use hard water can wear out up to 30% faster than those that use soft water!

The good news is that a water softener—filled with the right water softener salt—can fix the hard water problem. That's where high-purity Diamond Crystal® water softener salt products come in. They make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy soft water.

View a water softener salt video that answers the question "Why should I soften my water?" 

Adding a water softener that uses water softener salt can help with hard water issues like:
• Soap and detergents not working as well,
• Staining and spotting on glassware, dishes, sinks and fixtures.
• Build up of minerals in the pipes of your home that can restrict water flow.
• Mineral deposits that can cause water heater scale, which in turn, could make it more expensive to heat water.
• Scale deposit build up on appliances can shorten their life span.



Diamond Crystal® Bright & Soft™ Water Softener Salt Pellets

  • Highest-Purity: Up to 99.8% pure salt
  • Advanced Performance formula—for water softener efficiency
  • Virtually 100% water soluble
  • Patented double handles—for easy lifting

Diamond Crystal® Iron Fighter® Water Softener Salt Pellets

  • High Purity: Up to 99.6% pure salt
  • Iron-Fighting formula—for rust removal
  • Virtually 100% water soluble
  • Patented double handles—for easy lifting

Diamond Crystal® Solar Naturals™ Water Softener Salt Crystals

  • High Purity: Up to 99.6% pure salt
  • Made naturally with sun, wind and time™
  • Low insoluble content

SPECIALTY Water Softener salt PRODUCTS

Special Formulations

Regional Products

(available in limited areas)

Special Packaging

Sodium Shield™ Potassium Chloride

Sun Gems® Crystals and Sun Gems® Red-Out Crystals



Bright & Soft™ Block and Iron Fighter®  Block



Hardi-Cube® Salt and Hardi-Cube® Red·Out® Salt


Zeo Tab small Image

Zeo-Tabs®/Rustop™ Tabs with Rust Remover