Jiffy Melt bag and jug

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  • 12 lb. jug
  • 20 lb. bag
  • 40 lb. bag


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Diamond Crystal® Jiffy Melt® 
Blended Ice Melt

Faster Melting Starts Here™

Jiffy Melt® Ice Melt is the ideal choice when you need ice to melt, well, in a jiffy.



The extreme cold of winter can cause ice to form dangerously fast. So you need an ice melt that works just as quickly. Jiffy Melt® Ice Melt’s specially formulated blend gets a fast start on melting ice in sub-zero temperatures to -10 °F / -23 °C. 

Available in these convenient sizes: 10, 20 and 40 lb bags and a 12 lb jug. Proof that good things do come in small packages, and not-so-small packages.

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